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The Tokyo Olympic Games will be pulled to Japan wanderlust shortage of a hotel room into a dilemma

Date: 2019-08-01

Three popular tourist city in Japan Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, hotel guest room number will increase 38% by 2020, helps to reduce the shortage of a hotel room.

On July 30, the Tokyo Olympic Games of the Chinese Olympic committee jurisdiction exclusive ticketing agency Caesar travel told news interface, start from July 24, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in mainland China ticket purchase work after three days, Caesar tourism received tens of thousands of tickets purchase intention, is expected to 7 August 24 when the deadline for applications, subscriptions will continue to increase.

Caesar tourist told news interface, the Tokyo Olympic Games ticket sales worldwide is expected to reach 8.8 million pieces, but as a rule, more than 75% will be used to meet the demand of spectators' host countries.Various sponsors, suppliers and the ticketing agency will share the rest of the tickets, Tokyo Olympic Games, is expected to come from foreign audiences around the world will not exceed millions, tickets for the assigned to mainland China supply is relatively limited.

On sina weibo, # # Tokyo Olympic Games subject reading has more than 50 million."After all, a strong appetite for attending matches, Olympic tickets for the supply is limited, even explain buy, a success rate is low is also understandable, advising the public rational treatment applied and explain the results, or for other types of viewing, interpreta dream Olympics."Caesar said the relevant person in charge of tourism.

Domestic tourism enterprises have begun to feel the Chinese tourists go to Tokyo to see the passion of the Olympic Games.Hornet's nest travel network news tell interface, according to the forecast during the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, the demand for travel content to visitors from the same period growth of 11 times.Overseas destination tourism heat of the day in the cellular rankings, ranked second in Japan, the Japan tour peak are the cherry blossom season every year, in 2020, the Tokyo Olympic Games will be a new peak.

Hornet's nest, head of the tourism research center Feng Rao said. "Japan with geographical location and rich tourist resources, separated only by a strip of water has always been a favourite Chinese tourists travel destinations.The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will bring more visitors to Japan.Tokyo, scenic spots, hotels and quality restaurants will be in short supply.If visitors want to traveling to Japan during the games, the best itinerary in advance, "he said.

Tokyo hotel will be in short supply

Japan's national tourism administration (JNTO) at the world summit on the global tourism council, said the three popular tourist city in Japan Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, hotel guest room number will increase 38% by 2020, helps to relieve the shortage of hotel rooms.But there are still, the researchers said although the hotel construction boom, because the Olympic Games related to the expected surge in tourism, Tokyo is still there is a shortage of supply.

"When applying for hosting the Olympics in 2013, Tokyo think within 50 km radius from the Olympic village, there are 140000 guest rooms, there is no need for a massive new hotel."Japan travel home brand "in the hostel, founder and CEO han-chul told news interface, as the number of Japanese tourist boom, in 2020 the Japanese government will" promote visitors to Japan, "has been raised to 40 million people, the goal of the present general consensus is that during the Olympic Games in Tokyo will lack of at least 14000 rooms, a lot of hotel rooms in last year, said during the Olympic Games have been sold out.

A home stay facility in addition to the traditional hotel industry will become the Olympic Games another solution instead of a lodging.Han-chul, said the new hotel across Japan and new application for home stay facility in boom, Kyoto in 2019 to 2021 new rooms, will be 51% of the total number of rooms at the end of 2018, ranked first, followed by Tokyo, Osaka (32%) and (24%)."But despite severe shortage of Tokyo for home stay facility policy support is still relatively strict, similar to Osaka, d.c., people in Tokyo parking policy is still only big withdrawn, did not expand to the whole of Tokyo."He said.

In addition, the hotel prices in Tokyo during the Olympic Games will be multiplied."Although Beijing Olympic Games, the London Olympic Games had appeared before the high prices to depreciate sales promotion during the competition, but the average hotel prices or large scale growth during the Olympics, and cancel the rate is very low.So the housing price has doubled during the Olympics is inevitable, "han-chul told news interface," especially within the context of Tokyo completely in short supply, prices will rise more prominent.At present many hotels in Tokyo, the home stay facility released reservation price of the Olympic Games, has been more than two to five times the usual price."

From data from in the hostel, the summer travel season hotel occupancy rate has reached more than 80% in Tokyo, Osaka, from next year on the number of tourists, in addition to the period of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Osaka, the gap could be tens of thousands of rooms, when travel to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games do so, also need to plan for accommodation in other cities do in advance.