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The winter Olympic Games in Beijing yanqing division to ensure the hotel construction fully open

Date: 2018-04-11

On April 10, the reporter learns from the Beijing yanqing district, the games are guaranteed sex reception hotel rooms - Beijing yanqing division Gui river international training center project construction, building creative area.The project started, marked the yanqing division games ensure sexual guest reception hotel project entered the stage of comprehensive construction.
Learned, yanqing, as one of the winter Olympics three division, will take you 13180 guest room accommodation reception tasks, including 5654 for the games are guaranteed sex rooms.To meet the demand of when will receive, yanqing division will be the new eight games to ensure guest reception hotel.Currently, 1 new hotels completed, three new hotel construction, the rest 4 new-build hotel during the year, will start construction.
Beijing Gui river, building creative area international training center is the games are guaranteed yanqing conference room one of the reception of the hotel, is located in yanqing district Gui river, the project covers an area of 30665 square meters, a total construction area of 42879 square meters, four layers on the ground, underground layer 1.Residential buildings with 148 training, size 5 conference rooms, multi-function hall, between 1 and accommodate nearly 300 people dining restaurant 1 between 24 hours a day.Project put into operation in April 2019, to the park in Beijing in 2019 and 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing, winter paralympic games provide accommodation guarantee.
Gui river area, building creative international training center project will be a world-class collection of creation, training, scientific research, cultural exchanges and other places of multi-functional integrated services.The center for the construction of the concept and do the "green" concept highly fit, linked with its positioning of yanqing, to fully mix, buildings and environment throughout the entire green design, green construction, green operation, comprehensive utilization of wind, water, solar, geothermal and other intelligent low carbon technology, create a quiet and comfortable accommodation environment, further enhance yanqing city architectural style.In the 2022 winter Olympic Games, winter paralympic games held, the guests from all over the world enjoy ice and snow sports passion at the same time, also can get physical and mental pleasure and relaxation.
Learned, yanqing district as the three division of the 2022 winter Olympics, undertake the winter Olympic Games in Beijing yanqing conference accommodation business services in the field of security work.The introduction of new games ensure guest reception hotel of the social investment at the same time, the all-round upgrade the existing hotel work.
Yanqing district plans to use two years time, complete the bank of China, xinhua insurance training center, etc. 17 hotel guest room, dining room, such as reception facilities to upgrade, has completed the transformation task of nine hotels are pushing ahead with eight other hotel renovation work.
At the same time, to include guarantee room splendid holiday inn, xinhua insurance training center, south garden green tree inn hotel star rating work, such as to be prepared for the Beijing Olympics hotel signing.In addition, to strengthen the construction of software and set up training management platform, in the lodging industry, hospitality and other foreign language skills training, further promote the yanqing district housing industry overall gear upgrades.