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Beijing universal resort will open theme hotel

Date: 2019-09-07

Beijing universal resort published yesterday, the park will open in the opening two global debut universal studios theme hotel, hotel and resort of gold.

Universal studios hotel is the world's first global brand name of the hotel.The hotel will be to deduce the early twentieth century in the form of modern fashionable bright brilliant film culture, and to design a series of details and facilities, building exterior will use the classic style of Spain.The hotel is located in the entrance of the universal studios theme park, Beijing has about 800 rooms.

Gold is one of national high-end hotel brand, universal resort of the resort will be integrated into the Chinese classical imperial garden design, entertainment experience and history, the humanities, arts, cutting-edge technology and the concept of sustainable fusion.Hotel is located in the mountain ring of water around, cascading the peninsula of the pines, in.Noble golden holiday hotel will be about 400 guest rooms, Chinese and western elements, let guests fully experience the modern tradition of the Chinese culture.

The two hotels are guided by the global creative team, the international design team and the domestic famous design institute as design, built by Beijing international resort co., LTD., investment, will be guests from all over the world to provide a full range of submerged culture experience.Two hotels have exclusive channel in the park, where guests can be more quick and easy access to the theme park.