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Beijing Jinlin Hotel (Kingrand Hotel Beijing), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Hotel du parcHotel de promouvoir la notion de protection de l 'environnement, l' importation de faible carbone respectueux de l 'environnement de décoration et de matériaux ménagers intérieurs.Dans le même temps, à Beijing, Yunnan, Zhejiang a près de 10.000 hectares de base écologique de l 'alimentation pour l' hôtel et la restauration de la nourriture verte.L 'hôtel est déterminé à construire une oasis parfaite, calme, confortable, verte et saine, avec toutes sortes de chambres d' amis, de halls, de salles de conférence et de centres d 'affaires.< br > les sources thermales de dragons spéciales proviennent de 1 560 mètres souterrains, avec une valeur de pH 7,2, et contiennent une abondance de minéraux de petite taille tels que le soufre, le fluor, le manganèse, le zinc, le sélénium, etc., qui contribuent à la santé et à la vitalité de l 'homme.Il ya plus de Jin Lin spa à l 'avant - garde des installations internationales et des produits de soins de la peau, par l' intermédiaire de physiothérapeutes professionnels pour les clients avec des services agréables et attentionnés.
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Commentaires Plus
  • xtfoto
    Behind the hotel building, feels the environment is a bit uncomfortable, but great.
  • fionawuyifei
    That's no problem
  • AllenLyn
    Good service good overall condition good
  • niania1111
    Good location, near the forbidden city, hotel is also quite large, sentiment was not very busy, may stay a little late on the whole good, recommended
  • catseye
    Well, where the environment is very good location quiet
  • tom588
    Very general
  • leislee
    Nice hotel, which is not very convenient
  • leiwenx
    All right
  • multi-sources
    Very convenient location and a very spacious room. But the hotel didnt turn on the air conditioner so very hot at night.
  • gemini611
    Arrange the window of the room is very small
  • catyujian
    Once fell in love with
  • nicolexc
    Very nice hotel, near Qianmen Street. the hotel also has a spa, children have fun
  • LAIFU20030418
    Great five-star
  • e00852020
    Hotels in zhushikou, journey into amazing caves, quiet, very good.
  • lwei99891
    Hotel is very good, but it's too hard to find night next door construction
  • bafnusr
    ? After bad live
  • alanng14
    So disappointed, hotel is large, the room was large, but too plain, the service is also very general, breakfast is bad. book two days of decisive one day check out, changing hotels.
  • field1001
    A good environment, there is a stone gate in the Qing dynasty. is hard to find the entrance point. room rough look good, look no, material quality, curtains were broken.
  • gxm668
    Service is good-front desk also has engineers Ah are is good is kind also is in place-is noon, night of water temperature than human water temperature only high several times, with engineers said has Hou second days noon water temperature is comfortable has, cleaning member on cannot let I to high points has, to has room found table Shang also has large residues real, because I staying Hou trouble has is times front desk of beauty I are somewhat sorry has! so had to himself wipe has-but also is wipe not clean I had to gave up has-Hotel peripheral environmentVery close walk quickly to the front door, pull-apart place with 3 points, 1. hotel points in outside hotel, 2. outside the room and hotel style is a little gap, 3. room clean enough. but the hotel lobby and exterior landscape good reception there is also a very good engineers are staying here to thank the evening reception later little Miss-
  • denese
    Great hotel and location are not easy, but it was quiet ... very comfortable, and rest well. breakfast lines, according to five star standard could not reach
  • laurient
    Great, super great!
  • invalid
    Which is very nice
  • e00403066
    11 room cleaning for a long time, been cleaned floors, toilet is not clean, does not meet the stars, good front desk service. is close to the distance around the front door, nice meal not so good restaurant, in addition to the hotel's annex building, main meals to rooms charge nearly 400 per head, I don't know what to eat.
  • martinly
    Not for the first time on a business trip to Beijing, the hotel is convenient
  • eustanley
    Very nice hotel, there are many places to eat nearby, restaurant is very nice, rich and delicious! The store's service is good
  • d02228701
    Hotel in a quiet place in the downtown area, is the hotel's road signs are too small, wait when opened. the back is the Temple of heaven, good location, breakfast cost is relatively low, we recommend eating out.
  • suyongjing
    Hotel location is very good, very quiet!
  • cx1cctv
    Well, the hardware class
  • inferno911
    Or good is good is good! is good!
  • samuel810
    Slight inconvenience is to take a taxi, others are pretty good! in the universe, in a quiet, easy!
  • donnaxucanjun
    Location great hotel
  • DADofTWO
    Good hotel on the South side, near the Temple of heaven. From the Beijing South railway station is also close and convenient.
  • e01603031
    Nice hotel, from the scale of architecture can be seen when the introduction of industrial projects. hotel room very good and all. but a little hard to find, for the first time to drive the saw.
  • galengan
    Hotel is great, a few minutes ' walk to the subway station, hotel rooms are spacious, very comfortable ... the Manager is a bad attitude just a swimming pool, said there is no bath towels all the time, but he was left to pay for spa guest towels, which makes the stomach. This is not a five-star hotel the service. other very good hotel.
  • carpano
    Heard for has Chairman, even service also for of odd poor very, room didn't air conditioning not ahead of told, call advisory was said didn't approach on as. Qian times live not received parking fee, this stopped has one days half altogether spent has 168, asked reasons said we for has Chairman. prices and yiqian almost but didn't has earlier, asked reasons also is we for has Chairman. is flower of answered, odd poor of service, odd somehow of Chairman.
  • dxc423
    Hotel facilities good, service very good, felt good. price is not that high.
  • lililw2003
    Environment clean is good, service is not intimate enough to be improved
  • e00262044
    Generations section. good service, the surrounding environment.
  • e00300023
    Nice, it's really about.
  • A lovely a
    Nice, quiet
  • jefeb
    Make one reservation, responded well
  • lovecy_81
    Lived in Beijing more comfortable good breakfast also very good transport is not very convenient
  • e01283488
    Very satisfied, very close to the fence away from the front door, easy to eat.
  • gelinsong
    Don't want to say too much compared to the previous feeling can only give two stars
  • e01296271
    Which is very nice
  • ccg0807
    Overall satisfaction.
  • babyluv
    Very good hotel, is the price a little expensive, generally acceptable
  • lynn.ding
    The internal environment of the hotel was good, travel more convenient, the room spacious and bright, clean and sanitary.
  • gongyiwen
    Pretty good.
  • e00728235
    Porter service was great, front desk ... nice